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Our Science

The Problem:

There is an urgent need for medicines that halt or slow the progression of ALS and PD. Neither disease is currently being managed by any disease modifying therapies since only palliative treatments with limited efficacy and duration of effect are available to patients.

The Solution - BSP’s RNA therapeutic platform:

We deliver our SSOs via a unique chemistry which is more resistant to degradation than competitor chemistries. These AOs will be more potent and are expected to demonstrate a longer therapeutic half-life in the CNS.

Since our SSOs have a superior safety profile than other AOs this will enable the ability to deliver higher doses, when compared to competitor therapies, to maximize the efficacy potential of our therapies.

Our discovery platform enables us to take a precision medicine approach using the co-development of structural variant markers with our antisense therapeutics. This unique approach will lead to a greater chance of success for our therapies currently in development.