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Our background

Black Swan Pharmaceuticals (BSP) and Perron Institute’s Partnership:

In March 2020 BSP and the Perron Institute in Western Australia signed a partnership agreement with BSP in order to accelerate and facilitate the translation of therapeutic development activities into clinical trials. Through this partnership we aim to combine the pioneering genetic research program at the Perron Institute with Black Swan Pharmaceutical’s deep drug development and regulatory governance experience to develop an engine for the rapid progression from the bench to the bedside: Link

Perron Institute for Neurological and Translational Science:

The Perron Institute (Western Australia’s longest established medical research institute) has made a major contribution to medical research since its founding 38 years ago. Its internationally recognised medical researchers and specialists have achieved significant breakthroughs across a broad spectrum of neurological conditions.

The Perron Institute has facilities within the Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre, Nedlands and Murdoch University in Perth. It brings together laboratory scientists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, clinical psychologists, physiotherapists and other health professionals to tackle major challenges in neurological disorders.

Black Swan Pharmaceuticals:

BSP, is the realisation of an initiative led by Prof Anthony Akkari in partnership with the Perron Institute to accelerate the ground-breaking therapeutic research occurring at the Institute’s motor neurone research laboratory and other research facilities in Western Australia. The BSP business model will efficiently and economically progress the potential therapies arising from this research to readiness for initial Investigational New Drug application submission to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to support clinical development.